Double and Triple Glazing

Whatever the reason for adding double glazing or even triple glazing in your property it is a decision that can significantly improve the fuel efficiency of your home as well as making your home quieter.

Linwood supply a broad range of high quality glazed windows, industry knowledge and design choice in order to provide a completed installation that will make your home warmer, quieter and more secure.

Double glazing

The rough and ready method of comparing the energy performance of windows is to use the U value measurement, just as we do with walls, floors and roofs. Traditional windows, with a single pane of glass in them, have a U value in excess of 5. Double glazing used to score over 3, but, over the years, the manufacturing process has undergone a number of improvements and currently the Building Regulations insist that any window you install today should have a U value no worse than 1.6.

These improvements have been brought about by the introduction of:

• Wider cavities between the two glass panes
• Low-emissivity coatings being added to the glass to stop heat escaping
• The cavity being filled with an inert gas, usually argon
• Designing out cold bridges, such as aluminium spacers, surrounding the glazed units

Triple glazing

If double glazing makes a modern house more comfortable to live in, triple glazing makes it even more so. If you look at the surface temperatures on various forms of glazing when it gets really cold outside, when the internal air temperature is designed to be at 21°C:

• Next to a single glazed window, the internal surface temperature is around 1°C
• Next to a double glazed window (2000 vintage), the surface temperature is around 11°C.
• Next to a modern, energy-efficient double glazed window, the surface temperature is 16°C.
• Next to a triple glazed window, with a centre-pane U value of just 0.65, the temperature is 18°C

So you can see that whilst a double glazed window is perfectly adequate, a triple glazed one is just that much more comfortable, because it hangs onto heat just that little bit better.

Energy Efficient and wide range colours

All our windows can be supplied with A-Rated glass giving you the most energy efficient solution and saving you money on your heating bills.

We supply windows in a wide variety of shapes and decorative glass effects can be incorporated on the double glazed units.

The options colour range enables us to provide the perfect solution for your property.

Double and Triple glazing


All windows are designed with safety in mind and are supplied with high security multi point locking systems. Our PVC-U frames will never rot, flake or peel and have a life expectancy of 35 years.

Together with our high quality products we are also committed to providing you with a hassle free experience from placing your order up to the arrival of our experienced fitting teams who will complete your installation in an efficient manner with the minimum of disruption.

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